Yes, cash discounting is legal in all US states, provided that businesses follow compliance regulations. Have you ever found yourself wondering about what cash discounting is and how it works? If the cash discount is not availed, the net amount due is to be paid within Net 30 days.

Legal cash discount programs must present a clear receipt detailing the service fee or cash discount amount. Incorporating cash discounts into your business strategy is more than just a financial tactic; it’s a customer-centric approach that fosters loyalty and trust. As technology continues to advance, embracing innovative payment solutions, such as blockchain technology, can further elevate the effectiveness and security of your cash discount initiatives. If you want to know more about this information, feel free to contact us.

In turn, this cash could help her to grow the business at a faster pace while saving on administrative expenses, for example. There are many variations on the terms of cash discounts, which tend to be standardized within a particular industry. Some tolls accept both wireless payments and cash, and some still are cash only — although those are on the wane. Mr. Leocha still takes rolls of quarters with him when he travels by car, he said, in case he encounters an old-fashioned cash toll.

That being said, if you have a more tax-efficient means to use this cash, you should choose that option, instead. At a minimum, a merchant is required to provide at least one point of notification prior to sale that there is a service fee applied to all sales and a discount given if a cash payment is made. Multiple points of notification are recommended – such as at the door, register of the store and throughout the establishment if needed.

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We’ve researched this with multiple merchants using PayLo and found it to be unbiased fear. In all cases, the credit card volume has remained consistent or even increased month over month, with reports from merchants that their customers disregard the convenience fee in 99.2% of transactions. There are other details about pricing regulations, posted prices, and cash discounts. To be safe, work with a qualified merchant services account representative to make sure that your business is adhering to cash discount laws.

One unavoidable truth about cash discounting is that this method works better for some business categories than others. You should be very wary of any provider that tries to tell you that it’s a great idea for any business and pressures you to sign up for their program (especially if that program comes with a hefty monthly fee). There’s no application or account setup fee to get started with Shift Processing, and even high-risk businesses can be underwritten and onboarded in three days or less.

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This is not the same as a surcharge, as it’s a fixed per-transaction fee and isn’t based on the actual processing rate. Please see our article, What Is A Convenience Fee & Can You Charge One To Your Customers, for more information on this subject. Low-risk businesses should be able to eliminate most — or even all — of their credit card processing costs with Shift Processing.

Terms Similar to Cash Discount

The merchant will usually see their credit card fees  dramatically reduced with only a small technology fee to pay at the end of the month. In the United States it is legal to offer cash discounts to customers. This is thanks primarily to the Durbin Amendment, an add-on to the 2010 Dodd-Frank Law.

For another visual representation of this calculation, see the following video. Please note that the video refers to the unit cost as the purchase price, though they’re the same concept for the purposes of the calculation. There are many variations on these cash discount terms, which tend to be standardized within industries.

Markup percentage calculation

Unlike cash discounting, surcharging adds the cost of credit card processing to the advertised price at checkout if a customer chooses to pay with a credit card. Statutes prohibiting the use of credit card surcharging have been overturned in recent years in all but two US states (Connecticut and Massachusetts). Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover all dislike cash discounting because it disincentivizes customers from using their credit cards. is the cash discounting program offered by KIS Payments, a new Canadian merchant services provider. This program includes a Clover terminal and the Clover Cash Discount app, automating the process of applying cash discounts to your transactions.

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Lastly, put up the required signages around the store before implementing the cash discount program. This is a similar process to when someone uses credit to make a purchase. For example, buy now pay later deals in retail are available where there is no interest charged for a given period. This does not directly discount the product, but it offers an incentive in much the same way as cash discounting so that the customer pays off their purchase faster. A cash discount is a deduction allowed by some sellers of goods or by some providers of services in order to motivate customers to pay within a specified time.

Example for Trade Discount

Cash discounts refer to an incentive that a seller offers to a buyer in return for paying a bill before the scheduled due date. In a cash discount, the seller will usually reduce the amount that the buyer owes by either a small percentage or a set dollar amount. The interchange fees charged for credit card processing are high and getting higher all the time.

The fact that the invoice is paid more quickly by the customer, means that the supplier can address their payment obligations more quickly, too. The supplier can also use cash discounts to offset possible cash shortages, by arranging a temporary increase of the cash discount. The losses caused by the temporary increase of the cash discount are negligible compared to the costs that could arise from cash shortages. Every entrepreneur is pleased when they see that their customers have paid the invoices made out to them. In order to provide an incentive for this, many service providers and distributors offer a price reduction in the amount of a certain percentage of the invoice total.

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